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The Solid Colognes



     Out and about and in need of a burst of freshness/confidence..? Solid Cologne is an awesome portable alternative to traditional spray cologne. These scents range from fresh to warm and subtle. Instead of alcohol Solid State use a natural wax to 'hold' the fragrances - which means they are small enough for your pockets and completely spill proof in your bag.
     Brilliant for travelling too as you dont need to worry about liquid restrictions on flights. While pitched at men, we are finding that many women are buying and enjoying these fragrances...particularly if you dislike florals and enjoy a warm, spicy or woody scent.



There are 5 fragrances in this range:

WAYFARER blends smooth tobacco leaf, creamy tonka bean, and rich cacao to provide a masculine scent redolent of oak-panelled bars hidden behind unmarked doors in foreign cities. Notes of fruit and spices provide a comforting feel to this opulent, exotic scent.
NOTES: Spicy Tobacco, Vanilla, Cacao


AVIATOR is a striking blend of woody aromatics and crisp citrus. A hint of incense and spices makes this the ideal wear-anywhere blend for your on-the-go lifestyle.
NOTES: Grapefruit, Mint, Sandalwood


CRUISER is a rebellious scent, evoking at once a sense of luxury with a contemporary edge. It opens with a blend of exotic citrus that develops into a spicy, floral bouquet of orange tree blossom, jasmine and ginger. The base of woody notes provides a masculine impression.
NOTES: Mexican Tangerine, Ginger, Amber


FRESHMAN offers a summery blend of sea breeze and citrus, evoking the sun kissed coastline of the Mediterranean. The scent opens with a rush of fresh Calabrian bergamot and citrus then gently fades to light, aquatic nuances mixed with hints of Jasmine petal, along with fresh rose and aromatic rosemary. A warm base of cedar and sharp spice notes maintain a masculine air.
NOTES: Sea Breeze, Bergamot, Persimmon


JOURNEYMAN presents a refreshing hint of mandarin mixed with a base of warm cedar, while a rich blend of spice adds interest and intrigue. A versatile scent designed to take you from morning workout to evening adventuring and everything in between.
NOTES: Mandarin, Cedar, Vetiver


How to use solid cologne:
Step 1: Slide open your tin.
Step 2: Gently massage the balm with 1 or 2 fingers
Step 3: Apply the cologne to wrists, neck, behind your ears, top of your chest...this is up to your personal preference. Be mindful that you don’t need too much, everyone is different so start with small amounts and increase if necessary.
Step 4: Slide tin closed, return to pocket.