Space Saving Magic Hanger( 5pcs )

     The ingenious design allows you to store multiple garments on a single magic hanger, keeping your closet neat and tidy and your garments wrinkle-free, while the swivel design allows you to see your garments and accessories more easily.Organize women, mens or kids clothing or your entire wardrobe with these sturdy space saving hangers. Lends an upscale, sleek and sophisticated look to any closet.Group by outfit, color, or type of clothing. No more tiny cramped closets, or clothes falling down.


  • Ease of Use: The hangers beautifully collapse making it so much easier to smoothly and orderly browse through your garments.
  • Space Saving: Saves you a tremendous amount of closet space and keeps it clean and orderly. 
  • Great Looks: It lends an upscale, sleek and sophisticated look to any closet
  • So Practical: Place items that are in higher rotation at front, and then cocktail dresses, or top coats that you are not always wearing, you are now able to push those to the back, leaving them to hang categorized and wrinkle free. 
  • Get 4/5 Sets Of These, spread them throughout the house, great for when you have guests over as well, now you got a place for them to hang their things. 
  • Wonderfull Way to store Jewelry or other Items: What about your handbags, cross-bodies, scarves or belts? Or beautiful jewelry like long chained necklaces, just slip them on, tangled necklaces are a thing of the past.
  • High Quality and Strong: The old version made of stainless steel, but it's too heavy.Now we update its material to the strong ABS plastic material.They hold the weight of your clothes with ease,the strong ABS plastic material hanger is same durable and sturdy,but it's more protable for carrying on , and reat for heavy wintercoats as well. 
  • No Sharp Edges: All edges are smooth different from other space saving hangers which are uncomfortable to hold, with rough edging cutting your hands.
  • Package Include: A set of  5 pcs Magic Hanger