Slapping Wristband Polarized Sunglasses



  • New Slap Style Design, easy wear and carry.Fashion foldable anti-reflective sunglasses, adapt to various outdoor sport
  • Foldable And Portable: Have your sunglasses with you wherever you go! twist and fold the frames and clip them onto your clothes, hand, bicycle handle, car steering wheel, and more.
  • Durable and Sturdy: Its frames and silicone temples are strong and durable for your long lasting use. They are flexible and can be bent and "bashed" without breaking
  • Reliablity:  UV400 protection against harmful UVA UVB rays. Use them when you going to ride bicycle, drive a car, go running or fishing, trekking or other outdoor activities.



Folding Slap On Sunglasses in Action

We’re suckers for a sunny day. Lightweight, durable, comfy and convenient, Slapping Sunglasses are designed for you to get out amongst it without worrying that your sunnies just can’t keep up. And when you’re stuck with where to stow them, just slap ‘em around a wrist, rod, wheel, racket or paddle. Magic!

Slap On Sunglasses Illustration


The innovative click and wrap design holds tight, so wherever the action takes you, these cool Slapping Sunglasses are along for the ride.

Our ‘slaps’ click into place to hold tight to your head. You won’t lose your sunnies after the action because you can securely slap them around whatever you want.

So you look sharp in the sun, we surveyed hundreds of adventure aficionados before creating our range of fresh color shades.
Check back for limited editions.

Your peepers deserve the best protection. This Slapping Sunglasses are available with anti-reflective, polarised UV400 lenses and non-polarised UV400 lenses. With an ultra-durable high-quality plastic construction, these Slap Ons are built to last!

The new Slapping foldable sunglasses were made for men and women and constructed using top quality, strengthened, sprung stainless steel, with a tactile silicone coating which feels soft against the skin. The length and diameter of the bands were tested to ensure the perfect fit on the face and to ensure durability. The magic feature of the Slaps is that they click comfortably behind the ears which hold them securely in place.

The second unique feature of the Slap On eyewear is the new hinged frame design which enables the glasses to fold at the center and to be Slapped around the wearer's arm, bike handles, car steering wheels, paddle board paddles. Anything!

SlapOn Sunglasses in Action

This design opened up a whole new world for sunglasses. Paddleboarders, fishermen, wakeboarders, cyclists, children, windsurfers, kitesurfers, everyone doing any activity could now wear sunglasses confidently.

SlapOn Sunglasses in Action