Self-editable Customizable LED Party Glasses



  • Unique, Fun & Entertaining! Show off your creativity!
  • Bluetooth enabled to connect to the controlling App (iOS 7 or later&Android 4.4 or later / Not available except for iOS&Android) to and instantly customize your messages!
  • Light up your message and make it stand out simply with the tip of your finger!
  • Functions include: Text, Drawing, Animation, and Equalizer display
  • Lightweight, fold-able, illuminative LED, built-in memory



  • Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
  • Battery: 180MAh (5 hours duration)
  • 160mm(W) X 130mm(D) X 50mm(H)
  • 360 units LED 
  • Application compatible

Personalize your display message with the TEXT function.

Create any image you want in the CREATOR function.

Visualize your soundscape with the EQUALIZER function.




  • Download the free controlling app(App name is in the manual) from the App Store or Google Play Store 
  • Connect your glasses to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Use the TEXT, CREATOR, EQUALIZER and EXPLORE functions to customize your display.

You can create images, texts, and graffiti in the controlling App ,and then let them show on the LED screen unit of the glasses.