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Retro Tape Power Bank



  • ✅ Innovative Retro Appearance --- Classic tape-like design
  • ✅ Efficiency --- High efficiency of charging. 2.4 A maximum output current. Superb conversion efficiency (5V/2.0A reaches 93% conversion efficiency).
  • ✅ Safety --- These power bank has full protections for charge, discharge and standby. It is able to handle with many abnormal cases like overcharging, over-discharging, overheating, and short-circuit, which provide reliable protections for your power bank and digital devices.
  • ✅ High Capacity --- Add at least two full charges to an iPhone 7 or 6s or atleast one full charge to a 7 Plus, Galaxy S7, Nexus 5 or other smartphone. Or even at least an 80% charge to an iPad mini.
  • ✅ Packed With Useful Features --- These power bank boasts pass through charging automatic on , 6000mAh & 10000mAh support incredible two (2) usb outputs.
  • ✅ Incredibly light and compact --- Considering its large power capacity the Cassette tape power bank has the same size as the original Cassette tapes



Broad Compatibility:
        - Installed with intelligent chip controller and compatible to most 5V digital products in market including iPhone, iPad, android devices, PSP, Camera, GPS, etc.
        - Model: RP-T10
        - Input: 5V-2.0A
        - Output: 5V-2.4A 
        - Capacity: 10000mAh
        - Size: 4.5 X 2.7 X 0.7 inches