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Plant Essential Oil Soap Flowers



    These Plant Essential Oil Soap Flowers contain moisturizing factors, such as paper-like soft, light, fragrant and pleasant, can completely dissolve in water, PH value is neutral, contains plant essential oil, can quickly and effectively penetrate the skin, promote systemic blood circulation, stimulate the brain, eliminate fatigue; The raw materials used are all natural food grade, non-toxic and safe, which can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and increase your immunity; enjoy the fragrant petal bath to increase the bathing interest; make your skin more moist and smooth, well received by consumers, is a new generation of health bath products; completely replace the ordinary soap, bath lotion, hand washing liquid, and can effectively clean hands, face and body skin, appropriate. For tourism, hotels, hotels, flowers bath (especially suitable for bath).

    Flowers and petals are vivid, smooth and rich in color.
    Rich in germicidal ingredients to effectively clean hands bacteria.
    Rich in glycerin, moisturizing and moisturizing skin.
    It is completely soluble and fast, with rich foam, fine texture and no fiber.
    The fragrance of the essential oil of the plant sage, balancing body and mind, has an ideal effect on the health of mood, spirit and body. They can even make decorations and make sachets.
    It is an ideal choice for fashion gifts, gifts and tourism.
    Easy to carry.


- Color: Champagne White / Rose Red / Ocean Blue /  Light Purple / Fruit Green / Dark Purple
- Material: Plant Essential Oil Soap
- Box size: 27.5*19*7cm
- 7 pcs Soap Flowers with the retro fashion paper gift box
- Amazing gift for friends and loved ones that are looking for something unique.
- Best gift for Christmas,Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, birthday, wedding etc.

Functional Effect

    Tender skin, moisturize, clean, remove bacteria. It can completely dissolve in water, contain active decontamination factor, decontaminate, clean and sterilize at one time. It also contains aloe oil and other highly effective whitening ingredients, natural plant essential oil, which can quickly and effectively infiltrate into the skin, promote the whole body blood circulation, stimulate the brain, eliminate fatigue, and moisturize the skin. Foam is abundant. White and elastic. All raw materials are food-grade, safe and non-toxic; can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, enhance your immunity; enjoy aromatherapy petal bath, increase the interest of bath; let your skin more moist and smooth.

How To Use

     Dry hands remove (or remove) a few pieces of clean skin petals sprinkled in the bathtub where water has been put up, gently stir with hands, so that the petals are completely dissolved and opened into a rich foam, and then you can enjoy the joy of bubble bath. It also can not dissolve the petals of skin cleaning, let them float on the water and dissolve slowly, bring you the enjoyment of Flower Bathing from the surface. After bathing, wash the foam on your body. How to discriminate the quality of soap?

     1, good quality soap flowers, remove a piece placed in the palm of the hand, the surface will not have different sizes of pores. If you buy soap flowers with many air holes on the surface, you can only say that the manufacturer's quality is not up to standard, or that there are problems with the production machine. Please purchase the soap products produced by regular factories.

     2. The fragrance and quality of soap flower are added directly when the raw materials are mixed, so the fragrance will not disperse during the shelf life. If you have small white spots on the petals of soap flowers and no fragrance, it is because the factory spreads spices directly on the flowers.

How to store

Keep closed at normal temperature. Do not expose to heat or heat. Pay attention to moistureproof.

    1. Store the product in a cool and dry place, preferably sealed in OPP bags to avoid dampness, wet hands can not touch the product directly, direct sunlight can also cause discoloration and fragrance fading.

    2. when using this product, if you drop it into your eyes, rinse with plenty of water.