Outdoor Sports Armored Protective Jacket

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        This armored gear provides ultimate protection for Motorcycle, Mountain bikeRoller skating, Snowboards, Extreme skater and other outdoor sporting activities where protection is required and necessary.Maybe you can wear it to play a football game, of course, you have to make sure your opponent will not kick your ass. if you really have to fight with someone, it can at least give you a definite advantage. LOL.


  • Effective Protection Against Crash: high impact PE plastic&EVA shields for extra protection, the chest, back, shoulders, elbows, and forearms have hard shell padding on vulnerable areas.
  • Comfortable and Light to Wear: interlining is made of lightweight elastic durable mesh fabric, that allows the whole body to get rid of stuffiness, remains cool and keep you at the top of the game.
  • Fit You Perfectly: elastic round collarb and is the easiest wear and gets model very good got-up neckline, the adjustable velcro kidney belt to protect your kidneys and stomach, Cuff is elastic and quick cool design
  • Wonderful Full Body Armor: Back protector, shoulder cups, elbow cups, forearm protector, chest foam, all attached to a mesh shirt thing.
  • Made of High-Quality: Hard plastic, durable mesh, Velcro strap, durable and breathable. With Velcro strap to adjust bust, waist and cuff size
  • Function: Mesh the main body for perfect fit and ventilation. High-density foam padding for superior quality & comfort, sexy design, and adjustable belt. Center zipper for easy on and off, Adjustable elastic straps velcro close for secure fit, Durable polycarbonate material protects high impact areas, especially around the 'corners' of your body.
  • Jacket Chest Suitable Height Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. Please check the size you need before you order !



* Material:50% nylon, 30% polyester, 8% spandex, 7% eva, 5% polyethylene
* Net weight:1024g
* Type:Flame section
* Flexible slimline back protector design
* Thick, soft foam padding at chest, shoulders and forearms and elbows for shock-absorbance
* Hard protectors on chest, upper arms, elbows and forearms, protecting rider from hard projectile objects
* Hard protector strap on shoulder to protect collar bone and shoulder
* Foam mesh fabric to provide comfort, stretchability and better ventilation
* Cross-design elastic straps at forearms to secure elbow guards in place 
* Built-in kidney belt with double straps system for excellent fitting


About the Armored Protective Kneecap:

  • Ergonomics design with three-part movable pads provides natural and flexible experience
  • High impact PP shells with mesh fabric & foam pads allow for a greater degree of comfort and protection for knees and shins
  • Multiple large vents in PP shells and foam for maximum ventilation Specially designed shin piece prevents the guard from slipping down the leg
  • Equipped with adjustable elastic quick release strap and plastic cement hook for easy application and removal With screws and plastic cement fixed for durable using
  • Dimension of knees: approx.38x13cm/15.0x5.1".

Note: Armored Protective Jacket not including the Armored Kneecap, They are separate,If you like a whole set, you can order both of them.