Monocular Telescope with Laser Pointer and Flashlight



  • WHY TO CHOOSE THIS MONOCULAR TELESCOPE ? ▶This monocular telescope adopt the latest optics technology, specially designed with large BaK-4 Prism and all-optical face multi-layer broadband green film for more brighter and clear view  any environment. In addition, it serves you to be able to take clearer shots with laser pointer and flashlight at night easily. Unlike the other monoculars, you won't be annoyed because of the darkness. 
  • 40X60 HIGH POWER MAGNIFICATION - NEW FEATURES LASERPOINTER AND FLASHLIGHT▶ Being a 60mm objective, it has quite a wide field of view, and at 40x magnification power, you can see 40X closer with a clearer and brighter image, enjoy the beauty of the distance, and you will gain a amazing viewing experience day and night through our new features Flashlight and Laserpointer. Have the best view in your outdoor adventures, perfect for Hiking, Hunting, Climbing, Bird watching.
  • ELIGIBLE WITH SMARTPHONES ▶This newest quick alignment smartphone holder is compatible with almost smartphone on the market. And you can zoom in or out, take pictures and videos with the phone
  • 5 UNIQUE ACCESSORIES ▶ This value-pack includes a premium case with soft protective foam that will shield your monocular telescope from dangerous falls; It also transforms this complete kit into a very thoughtful and luxurious gift for photography enthusiasts; Included are also one lens cleaning cloth, one variable smartphone adapter with a camera mount, one tripod and one durable wrist strap (attaches at the bottom)



✔️This is what you want and was crafted with you in mind. The Monocular Telescopes are coated and sealed with an FMC Multi-layered broadband green film to ensure high light transmittance.The monocular has a fixed magnification of 40X. Our field of view is approximately at 800 Yards.

✔️ Each monocular telescope is crafted with an internal BAK4 Prism, as well as an FMC-Multi Coated Lens, providing visual fidelity and excellent light sources for travel, hunting, birdwatching, hiking, wildlife,and other outside activities. 

✔️ Unlike other products we offer you high quality definition on our new Upgraded Version. You will have a great NIGHT VISION experince with New Laser and Light

📸 Package Include:

  • 1 x Monocular
  • 1 x Smartphone Clipper
  • 1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x Travel Bag
  • 1 x Tripod

HOW TO USE: Using this monocular is so simple. Simply look through the eyepiece, adjust the focus wheel located on the top of the monocular until you can see clearly. The eyepiece is also adjustable for a large view.

1)Use the microfiber cloth to clean the front and back lens on the telescope and also clean your phone's camera.

2)Align the whole on the phone attachment with the middle of your phone's camera, squeeze the clamp together so your phone is secured and firmly tighten the screw from the back

3)Carefully push the attachment with your phone connected on to the back of the scope ensure that the lens is still aligned.

FOCUSING: There are two ways to focus the scope. The main focus wheel is on the top of the monocular that your fingers naturally rests. The other focus wheel is on eyepiece.