MEMOBIRD G3 Mini Pocket Printer



  •  ✅ INTERESTING PAPER PRINTER - A mini strip printer which can literature, work and convey your love, equipped with app, a key print the funny things about mobile phone
  •  ✅ ADORKABLE AND LOVELY - like just hatched dove eggs and like a small pigeon who sent the distant announcement for you and just withdraw their wings
  •  ✅ RETRO BEAUTY SHOT REMAIN THE FUN OF CLICK SOUND - Upload mobile photos, take the photos optionally, black and white pixels, print retro style
  •  ✅ DO THE MEMO IN A DIFFERENT WAY ALWAYS PRINT AND PASTE - Cheat, notes, words, recipe, stick to a place you can see at a glance
  •  ✅ IT ONLY CARES ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE - Unlimited extension of real-time online content, give up the Bluetooth connection, just to give you a faster and more stable remote printing experience



Memobird G3
        - Power consumption:10w
        - Working temperature:0-50
        - Print speed:70mm/s
        - Working power supply:DC5V/1A Inside Battery 
        - Battery capacity: 900 mAh
        - Communication modes: Bluetooth ;network connection,
        - Material type:thermal printing paper(width 57mm)
        - Size:79mm*79mm*39mm
Heat-sensitive paper
- Type: no core
        - length:25m
        - color: white 
        - retention period:1 year

Package Included
       ♥ 1 x G3 Mini Pocket Printer
       ♥ 3 x Front Lovely Sticker
       ♥ 3 x Reels of Heat-sensitive paper
       ♥ 1 x Charger Adapter 
       ♥ 1 x Instructions

About Print Mode:
☛ Step 1: Connect with the power, then the printer will show the green light.
☛ Step 2: Open the Bluetooth of your mobile phone.
☛ Step 3: Scanning the QR code (on the bottom of this manual) to download the APP, then create a new account.
☛ Step 4: Follow the APP prompts, double-click the keypad and scanning the QR code to binding the new equipment.
☛ Step 5: Follow the APP prompts, press the keypad 6 seconds to configure WIFI.