Magnetic Modular Pen



  • FIDGET FEATURES: This Magnetic Modular Pen can be easily spun (body spinning and ball spinning), twisted and played with Magnet Segments together to transform into different shape of toys. 4 Extra balls can be used with pen together or play as fidget toys when you are stressed of thinking.
  • CONSTRUCTION: The whole body, including the refill cover is 24K gold plated, the hardest plating for gold grade; the color can be lasted for long time and not easy to get rid of; glossy finish all around the body and comfortable balanced weight with removable magnetic pen clip. 3 magnetic segments with flexible body for spinning, twisting and bending.
  • REFILLS: The Uni SA-S pen refill is from Japan for smoother experience, no leakage and pleasure writing because of premium quality refill; extra refill is provided in free of charge with gift box package. This Magnetic Modular Pen is not just a pen, a toy, the more magic is that can help you more on concentration and work efficiency by giving relief to your stress and anxiety.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Ideal gift for children and adult. Perfect pen for all brain-workers, such as teacher, designer, student, engineer, worker, doctor, lawyer, etc. Regardless of size or sex, virtually anyone could use this premium pen.



This magnetic pen is not just a pen, it's also a finger fidget toy, BR>It can rotated and transformed into a variety of creative, free combination, multiple and diverse play
Two Stylus Head, Can be used as a gel pen, touch screen pen
It has 13pcs magnetic rings, and 12pcs Steel balls

Package including:
13 x magnetic tubes
12 x metal balls 
  2 x gel pen caps 
  2 x touch screen stylus tips 
  1 x clip 
  1 x refill 
  1 x nib cap