Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe with Night Light



  • ✅Fascinations Designs --- This product to illustrate many magical aspects of our world
  • Amazing --- People won't believe that its possible until they see it for themselves . Objects continuously revolve in space inspiring wonder and amazement
  • Unique Tech --- Witness for the first time stable levitation of an object using only an electromagnetic base located below the object
  • Automatic Rotate ---Automatic return to the center when slightly moved from equilibrium position,give it a little spin then it will rotate smoothly
  • Illuminated and Color Changeable Globe --- This high tech gadget also comes with a LED light feature that makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark, With colored LED lights to add visual effect in the dark when powered
  • Wide Application --- Creative high-tech gadget that gains favor in people of all ages, can be used as home/ office desk decoration, also a great gift that will surprise your guest and friends





      ▶ Globe Size: 6 inches
      ▶ Suspension height: 2cm
      ▶ Power: 12V, 1500mA, less than 1.5w
      ▶ Chassis Size: 18X18X5cm


      ✔ Air suspension luminous color, home furnishing, gifts to share gifts, advertising impressions
      ✔ Product optional attributes: US plugs

     Package included:

     ♥ 1xUFO Shape Globe Base
     ♥ 1xGlobe
     ♥ 1xManual
     ♥ 1x Power Adapter




     ▶ Material: ABS + LED
     ▶ Color: Black+Silver, Dark Blue, Gold
     ▶ Weight:0.52kg
     ▶ Power Supply: Input 110-240VAC, DC12V 1000mA
     ▶ Plug Type: US Plug
     ▶ Dimension: Approx.18x17x5cm/ 7.1x6.7x2''
     ▶ Globe diameter: Approx. 8.5cm/ 3.3''
     ▶ Floating Distance: 10-20mm

Package Included:
    1 x C Shaped Base
    1 x 3'' Globe
    1 x Charger Adapter
    1 x Instructions

   ▲1.Air suspension , home furnishing, gifts to share gifts, advertising impressions
   ▲2.Convenient and easy to use
   ▲3.Comes with a LED light feature that makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark.
   ▲4.Operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system
   ▲5.Equipped with LED lights on the circular frame, In the evening, the lights Irradiate the smooth surface of the globe, it is very pretty


     How To Use
     ☛ (1) Turn on the power and place the base horizontally on the table
     ☛ (2) Hold the globe from the center of the base 10cm position, vertical down (move down at the same time, pay attention to keep the globe horizontally)
     ☛ (3) When the globe drops to about 2cm above the center of the center(when you feel the strong magnetic field to push the globe up) and then slowly release the hands
     ☛ (4) When you release your hand and feel that the globe is shifted in a direction, move it gently in the opposite direction by hand.
     ☛ (5) Until you feel that it is no longer offset, the globe has found the center point at this moment, you can completely release the hands.
     ☛ (6) If you fail for the first time, please do not give up . Try it again.Success stems from persistence!