Magic Playing Card Tricks Pen Set

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Magic Playing Card Tricks Pen Set seriously looks like trick photography. It isn't.

Magic Playing Card Tricks Pen  is a stunning, beautiful piece of magic. It's the most visual solid through solid effect we've ever seen.

It looks incredible on video. It’s even more mind-melting in person.

This is the perfect combination of hyper-visuals and practicality that you've come to expect from Calen. Everything is self-contained. It requires no setup and resets instantly. Whether you're on Instagram or performing up close for a crowd, this is something that you absolutely need in your arsenal.

It comes with Red or Blue Bicycle gimmicks handmade with the highest precision, TN by Davey “Rockit” Goddard, and a streaming instructional video that features expert instruction by the creator himself. Every detail and nuance is covered by Calen to make sure you can start performing this visual miracle immediately.