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Magic Dishwashing Gloves with scrubber



  • ➤EFFICIENT CLEANING: your hands no longer need to be occupied with a sponge. Just simply put the magic silicone gloves on, rinse with water, apply soap, and simply scrub & clean with just your hands!
  • ➤ SCRUBBING POWER: equipped with hundreds of scrubbing bristles to effectively remove stubborn greases, oils, and dirts.
  • ➤ MULTI USE: works extremely well to scrub and clean dirts away from plates, cups, cutlery, carpets, floors, sinks, shower tubs, toilets, tables, cabinets, pet hairs, and just about anything else!
  • ➤ COMFORTABLE: using a free handed motion makes it much easier to clean in harder to reach spots, and the silicone dishwashing gloves is also beneficial for those who may suffer from hand pain or arthritis.
  • ➤ DURABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: this silicone gloves with wash scrubber is made with heat resistant FDA-approved silicone. coated with anti-microbial properties to resist bacteria build up! Great for cleaning kitchen, dish washing or cleaning the car.



 Rid yourself of those dirty, smelly sponges. The Magic Dishwashing Gloves are here to stay!

This innovative product will save you so much time and effort when cleaning.

Built-in brushes in the palms and fingers of the glove, allow for better and quicker cleaning!

Try these Amazing Gloves Today!


What's So Special About These Gloves?

Effective & Easy to Use

No need for smelly and soggy sponges for cleaning!

These gloves allow you to clean every nook and cranny using the dexterity of your own fingers!

It works best for washing dishes, the bathroom, or anything with small crevices that a sponge can't get to.

Our Dishwashing Gloves will save you tons of time!

Stop spending so much time cleaning, and more time doing what you love!

Multi use: A family needs 3-5 pairs

Ideal for bathroom/ kitchen cleaning, pet hair massage, car washing and cleaning, bedding and so on.

Combine the gloves and cleaning scrubber for EASY & PERFECT cleaning!

Magic Silicone Dish Washing Gloves is a double-functional gloves with silicone gloves and cleaning scrubber for EASY & PERFECT cleaning!This flexible gloves performs fast foaming to save time and cleaning cost- up to half of detergent!

High quality silicone material

It's a Great Gift!

The Magic Dishwashing Gloves are so useful, they'd make a great gift!

Great for Busy Moms or Lazy college students!

Comes in various colors for any kind of kitchen, bathroom or around the house cleaning!

Easy to clean and dry quickly

Quality and Comfort You Can Count On!

Made from high quality, Food Safe Silicone One size fits all! Tough on stains and grime Easy on pots and pans An amazing Christmas stocking-stuffer idea Super easy to use and clean!

Save time and money and throw out your cleaning sponges!

Heat resistant from -40℃ to 160℃

Can be sterilized in boiled

Durable: Highly elastic and not tearing easily

Whether your hands are big or small, you can wear it.


Package Include: 

1 x Pair Magic Dishwashing Gloves