Lazy Horizontal Glasses for Lie Down Watching TV



  • PRISM LENS: This upside down glasses turns your view to a downward 90 degree angle, eliminating the need for head movement. Great benefit to health, our high definition prism glasses help you read a book or watch TV without eye fatigue or physical strain
  • WATCH TV OR READ LYING DOWN: Protect your neck, make you comfortable. By taking advantage of optics principles and employing the reflecting prisms that made of high-qualified optical materials, Horizontal Glasses allow users easily reading books, watching TV and doing other operations in a supine position
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Unisex style, fit for women & men. Dimensions: Leg length about 5.9"/150mm; Frame width about 6”/152.4mm; Frame height about 1.89”/48mm; Eye part about 2.75”/69.8mm
  • APPLICATION: These ultimate eyeglasses are suitable for ordinary people and person with medical problem. Used for home or travel use. Lying for Reading on the beach or at home. Not only read and watch conveniently & comfortably but also relax the body and protect the eyesight
  • CAN BE WORN OVER SPECTACLES: These special spectacles are as similar in shape as ordinary glasses. You can wear the prism glasses only or wear it over your ordinary glasses (include prescription glasses). It is made up of a frame, fixing components and a refractive lens which turns straight-line lights into crooked-line lights. The refractive lens is settled in the view-finders of the frame; the fixings and the frame are fastened together



The Lazy Horizontal Glasses are designed with horizontal viewing in mind. Thanks to built-in mirrored lenses, you can lean back on your sofa and watch the TV series without having to sit up like a chump. Yup—you can lie back and read, game, or watch TV at a 90-degree angle.