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Inverted Double Layer Windproof UV Protection Reverse folding Umbrellas




  • DURABLE MATERIALS - It‘s made of water repellent pongee fabric, breathable double layer canopy and smooth top, using high quality electroplated steel shaft and premium resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs.
  • DOUBLE LAYER DESIGN - Innovative design allows you close the umbrella and put it directly anywhere in room or car while you don‘t need to worry about making the seat or floor wet. No worry about making others wet when stand close on the bus or subway. Effectively avoids the drip permeation which happens on most one layer fabric umbrellas, it protects you well against the winds and sun.
  • HANDS FREE HANDLE - The C-shaped hand grip allows you to play with mobile phone when you hold the reverse windproof umbrella with your wrist and lift a bag in the rain, making it convenient for mothers to hold the umbrella when they have baby in arms.
  • STAND UP ON ITS OWN - Perfect design to make it stand up totally on its own when closed, but not held tight by the velcro close strap, saving much space.
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - Using Rainlax umbrella, you are always protected from the rain, strong wind, snow and UV. The Umbrella(s) That You Purchase will be Automatically Enrolled in our lifetime replacement guarantee program. If anything goes wrong with your umbrella, we will send you a replacement absolutely free, no return required



Have you ever encountered such problems in rainy days?

1. For mothers, how to hold an umbrella when having baby in arms?

2. For passengers, how to avoid making others¡¯ clothes wet when you jump on a crowded bus or subway with an umbrella?

3. For drivers, how to avoid the umbrella getting your car seat wet when you get in?

4. For business man, how to make / receive a phone call when you lift a briefcase?

5. For phone users, how to happily play with it when hold an umbrella and a bag at the same time?


Innovative Design Help You Solve These Problems:

C-shaped Hand Grip: 
Holding an umbrella with your wrist, you can free your hands to make a phone call, to play with your cell phone, to hold a baby.

Dual Layer Design: 
Successfully preventing car seat from getting wet, avoiding making others‘ clothes wet when stand close on the bus or subway.

Stand up on its own: 
Easy to place, it can stand up by you on its own when closed, saving much space for you.

Water Repellent Fabric: 
Protecting you well against the rain, strong wind, snow, drip permeation and UV, etc.

The button for opening and closing canopy manully.

8 durable reinforced fiberglass ribs for super windproof ability.

Water reoekkebt oibgee fabric and quick to dry.

C-shaped hands free grip humanization design .

When you are shopping with a heavy bag, using telephone, carrying our baby and so on, it will make you more convenience.

it can stand up on its own. 

It has the durable velcro buckle.