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Infinite Squeeze Peapod (3-Pack)


    You need something that can help you relieve stress in a tired working day. You need to stay calm in difficult situations to make the right decision. You will definitely need this toy! This peapod squeeze has a funny and compact shape that you can easily carry with you as a keychain. And importantly you can take it out whenever you need to relieve stress, and when you need to keep calm. Life will be easier with this. 


  • PERFECT STRESS RELIEF TOY: Great fidget toy for release stress. Squeeze the bean out over and over for endless distractions, suitable for all ages children and adults 
  • BREAK BAD HABITS: Stop rolling fingers, spinning pen and bitting or picking your nail. Just squeeze the bean and break those bad habits. Potentially helps cognition and stable mental performance. Some need to squeeze things while thinking and brainstorming 
  • NOT JUST A FIDGET TOY: It is not just a fidget toy, but also a great keychain decoration which you can attach to your keys, backpack, cell phones or other electronic devices 
  • ALWAYS HAVE FUN: Our squeeze a bean out over and over again when you get stressed or bored and kill time. Especially in dull a meeting 
  • PROTABLE KEYCHAIN LANYARD: Small enough to carry with you everywhere and everyday. You can also attach to your keys, backpack, cell phones or other electronic devices 
  • Size: 7x2x1.5cm(There is 1 ~ 2cm error because munual measurement Posted by horizontal) 
  • Package Include:  3 x Infinite Squeeze Peapod