Giant Rose and Queen Necklace

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  • 💝Real Giant Rose Flowers -- Sometimes referred to as "Large Rose" or the "Ultimate Rose."The Normal rose flowers are only 1.5 inches(4cm) in diameter,but these Giant Rose Flowers' size ranges can reach 3 inches to 5 inches(7-12cm), and its petals are as many as 60. These  Giant Rose Flowers grew at an altitude of 9,000 meters in Ecuador.The local special soil environment, together with the long daily sunshine and low night temperature, made the rose grow differently.Each of the giant roses has been carefully selected, dehydrated and preserved so that it can be kept for 1-2 years.
  • 💝Crown Shape Queen's Necklace - This Queen's Necklace is made of S925 silver.Its design was inspired by the Queen's Crown, and there has a shiny zircon which inserted in the heart of the crown,that means your love will live in her heart forever. 
  • 💝Creative Drawer Gift Box  - Creative drawer gift box combines the Giant Roses with the Queen's Necklace perfectly, and the giant rose is fixed at the top of the gift box, the necklace is placed in the drawer. It's definitely a double surprise for your lover. We will also present you with beautiful greeting card and gift carry bag.



Giant Rose's Diameter size: 3 - 5 inch
Drawer Gift Box' size: 6.5*6.5*7 inch
Shipping Weight(included the outer box): 400g
Color: Pink Red, Blue
Package included:
-1 x Giant Rose
-1 x Queen Necklace
-1 x Drawer Gift Box
-1 x Beautiful Greeting Card
-1 x Gift Carry Bag