Garden Gloves With Claw



  • Save So Much Time - The unique ergonomic design of the rubber garden gloves turns your hands into hand tools. Use the hand with the claws to rake, spread mulch and dig holes. Use the hand without the claws for picking up seeds and other tasks that require greater dexterity. You'll be amazed that you ever gardened without them.
  • No More Blisters - The days of getting blisters from using your rake and shovel our history. With a rubber garden gloves, all of your tools are literally at your fingertips.
  • Can Handle the Thickest Thorns - The garden gloves are so durable that even thick thorns won't pierce them. Trimming your vines and roses has never been easier.
  • Your Hands Won't Get Wet - The garden gloves are waterproof. Planting in moist soil or trimming your bushes after it rains is never a problem.



It's the one step solution to handle a variety of gardening tasks.
Making digging, planting, raking in garden fast and easy.
Making yard work fun again and hassle free with other garden tools.

Either Right-handed or Left-handed people can use these pack of gloves.
4 set of combination ways to meet your multifunction need.
Gloves with claw make digging easy, gloves no claw is flexible and suitable for gradbing.

Fits like a second skin.
Breathable and stretchy natural latex coat protects your hands from dirt, sweat and injuries.
Durable, waterproof, puncture resistant to protect your hands. 

Premium quality with sturdy claws no thorns.
Every pairs must pass our artificial quality inspection, to make sure you get one perfect gloves.
Extremely lightweight and stretchable- one size fits most people.
You can wear these nitrile garden gloves for hours with ease. 


Colour: Black + Green.
Size: One size(Stretchy).
Gender: Unisex.
Quantity: 1 pair with 8 claws on each hand. 
Material: Latex + Polyester + ABS Plastic.