Filter Sleep Earplug With Adjustable Frequency


      If you’re having trouble sleeping due to construction noise or loud neighbors, these earplugs are for you. They are equipped with special acoustic filters, helping to eliminate environmental background noise. You’ll still be able to hear your alarm go off so no worries about oversleeping!


  • Special Acoustic Filters -- Earplugs are equipped with special acoustic filters, it helps to eliminate environmental background noise,but it will not completely block your hearing.You can still hear the clock alarm or other important voices.
  • Double Layer Umbrella Structure -- It can reduce the impact of acoustic waves on the eardrum two times.It can better fit ear canal, suitable for all kinds of ear canal size
  • Soft and Comfortable -- Anti allergy silicone material makes it super soft. Each pair of earplugs is only 1.6g,reduce the pressure of the ear canal to the greatest extent, make it suitable for long time wear.
  • Long Service Life -- Anti allergy silicone material has good water repellency,this allows it to be washed, dried and reused.It's hygienic and convenient, with a life span of up to 2-3 years.
  • Portable Breathable Storage Box -- Each ear plug is equipped with an independent storage box for easy carrying.There are many blowholes in the hinge of the storage box.After the earplug is washed, it can be directly put into the storage box for ventilation and drying.





1 x Pair Filter Sleep Earplug

2 x Pair Sound Wave Filters

1 x Auxiliary Wearer

1 x Protable Storage Box