Energy Saving Device



  • Principle: Not stealing electricity, just help you saving the daily waste of energy automaticly, thereby saving your money.
  • Function: Stabilize the voltage, balance the current, and surge protection in order to achieve a power-saving effect.
  • Protection: Multi-protect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices.
  • How to: Plug the electricity saved box into any socket at home/office/factory etc. Simple operation, no need pay attention.
  • Package: 1*electricity saving Box; 1*user manual; 1*principle explanation



Why this theory works as well as why the power companies won't let it go main stream?

How Does It Work?

Quite simply, this is a device that you plug into the outlet closest to your breaker box.  That is all you need to do, once plugged in the green LED indicates it is powered on and working.  With the schooling you learn that appliances always draw more power than they need to run due to inefficiencies and noise on the sine wave.  The EcoWatt reduces this noise therefor decreases the amount of electricity wasted.  It does not change what the meter reads or steal extra power from anywhere, it just uses the energy more efficiently therefor needing less of it.

This Energy Saving Device Is Constantly Improving Your Power Stream By Capturing And Straightening The Current Of Otherwise Lost Energy. That Way Your Electricity Consumption Will Be Lower.
Rated voltage: 90V-250V
Rated frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Useful load: 30,000W

Illustration for using
When using,plug into any sockets,no need to maintenance.
Assure of the pluging,the indicated light is in a condition of lighting.
Plug into any sockets or line of prolonging,use one or several power energy saver according to the quantities of devices.

*When using,please be careful when pluging into the sockets.Don’t be too rude.Avoid damage.
*After using,don’t take off too often.avoid influencing the result of saving electricity.
*Don’t let the kids touch it.Assure the safety.
Souwa Suggestion
A high-power device with one device works best.
If your home include air-conditioner, refrigerator, television and so on, we suggest 2 or 3 pcs.