Dinosaur Hatching Eggs



  • Novelty Dinosaur Eggs - Just put the egg in a bowl of water and watch it hatch out of the egg, there will be a mini dinosaur figure come out
  • Patience for Kids - Takes 12-24 hours for the egg to break through the shell, after 1-2 days the mini dinosaur can grow bigger and bigger
  • More Than One Toy - If you not hatch it, it's an egg toy, even as the easter eggs; when hatch out, it's the dinosaur toy, collect for dinosaur figures
  • Larger Colorful and Safer - Large size: 5cm x 6cm (1.97" x 2.4"), bigger than other market mini dinosaur eggs but further quantity, so it's safer for kids. Colorful appearance and many kinds of dinosaurs after hatching
  • Great toys for Kids Party Supplies, Christmas Gift, Birthday Party, School Classroom Rewards, Carnival Prizes, Pinata, Easter Party, Stocking Stuffers, Goody Bags.



Benefits for kids 
It will help kids know more about them or nature. Very funny and meaningful 
It will let kids learn more knowledge and enhance operation ability. 
It will help children to know the animal hatching, and it need a long time,it will improve their patience,outsight.

How to use? 
1.Unwrapping,put the egg into the water.Until, completely overwhelmed 
(Please note:water temperature no more than 30℃ or 95F,no sunlight exposure)

2.After 12-24 hours, egg shell begins to crack(completely water covered) 
(Please note:The position and ways of shell cracking will not be fixed, at the middle or top of eggs)

3.After out of shells, the dinosaur keep growing, Please stay patient. It will be a little abnormal during process, 
You need make it completely covered with water, it will be more and more complete and perfect.And it will become gradually smaller after leaving the water.

Package Include:

1 x Box Dinosaur Hatching Eggs (12 Eggs)