Credit Card Powerbank



    Ever worry your phone will run out of power when you're out all day? Well now you can be safe with this power bank that fits into credit cards slots in wallets and purses and charges your phone on the go! This is literally a lifesaver in the modern day with everyone being hooked on their smartphones! Don't risk your phone dying at lunchtime if you've been scrolling Facebook too much! All you need to do is connect your phones wire to one of the USB ports on this handy device and charge up! No plugs or electricity sockets needed!


  • Ultra-slim: Similar Poker size with only 1/4 inch (6mm) thickness
  • Ultra-Portable: One-to-Go and One-for-All design, Build-In micro USB cable, and iPhone Adapter or Type-C Adapter
  • Ultra-Safe: NO Risk of ON FIRE nor EXPLOSION; Smart Control Tech, no Short-Crcuit, Over-Charge nor Over-Current for BOTH your devices and battery
  • Important Call Saver: NO power off, NO open your phone, NO stop, just Plug in and Continue
  • FCC-Vertificated, CE-Vertificated, RoHS-Vertificated, CCC-Vertificated, One year Warranty
  • Powerbank for charging on the go
  • Fits in credit card compartments in wallets and purses
  • Can be used with apple and android devices
  • Micro USB recharge line
  • iPhone adapters or Type-C adapters
  • 2500 MAH