2 Rolls of Donald Trump Toilet Paper

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  • DONALD TRUMP FACE PRINTED TOILET PAPER: Our toilet paper is smartly designed to have the face of Donald Trump printed on. It is not just printed on a few tissues unlike other toilet papers but it is printed throughout the entire roll.
  • SOFT & ULTRA ABSORBENT TRUMP BATHROOM ROLLS: These bathroom rolls have soft and delicate 3 ply tissues and 250 sheets per roll. Being jumbo designed it will serve its purpose to the fullest every time you need to use the bathroom!
  • FUNNY NOVELTY GAG TOILET PAPER GIFT: Get the most amusing political gag gift for your friends who love him or simply hate him and spread some laughter. A novelty and naughty gift for both men and women that can be used as a decorative roll as well!


The Most Hilarious Take A Dump With Trump Toilet Paper Rolls Have Just Been Released!
Are you a huge fan of Donald Trump? Do you detest the guy and want to watch his face stuck in the bottom of your bathroom toilet basket?
No matter what your beliefs are, we may assure you that our hilarious toilet rolls will make everyone smile, whether they are Trump’s lovers or haters!
Witty Gag Gift Ideal For All People Out There
Do you love Donald Trump? Get a roll!
Do you hate Donald Trump? Get a roll!
Our novelty toilet paper features one of Trump's smiling facial expressions, in all its glory, on every single sheet. Easy to be used, simply place a roll on the toilet paper dispenser and off you go! It will fit perfectly on any type of roll holder you might have.
Democrats Vs Republicans Toilet Paper Rolls
Let the war between the democrat and republican parties begin while you are holding this printed toilet paper as a white flag! Spice things up at the forthcoming BBQ gatherings, picnics with friends and family occasions.
All of your 3 ply toilet rolls are brand new and individually packaged. No worries there!
What are you waiting for? Get yours today!