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DIY Magnetic Hand Putty



  • Toy Stress Reliever for Kids and Adults for Fun
  • It's also called thinking putty, because when you do any shape you want, your brain to relax and open up a variety of creative thinking. 
  • You can also knead it . Or play it , bend it , tear it , expand it, break it , stretch it . It is very wonderful .
  • Suitable for all ages of people to play, not only develops children's intelligence but also release adults’ stress.
  • To a certain extent, the old can prevent senile dementia after playing.
  • Portable,you can give it to others as a gift
  • Safety grease materials, not easily changed with the passage of time or crushed dried


  • Includes 2 boxes of Hand Putty
  • Weight: 80g
  • Color: gold, black, purple, silver, green, blue
  • Material: Silicone Grease