Ultra-thin Magnetic Modular Wallet



  • Custom Modular Wallet - Modular wallet has 3 modules,divided into card module,coin module and coin / key module.You can use the magnetic force at the top of the module for free splicing.The powerful magnetic force ensures that the wallet is well connected,allowing you to combine the wallet modules you want.
  • Refined & Stylish - The wallet uses a high-end PU leather,which makes people feel very comfortable when they touch it,and it looks very fine and generous.This Ultra-thin modular wallet has been expertly crafted with great attention to detail.It is equipped with a stretch band for carrying banknotes,as well as a clear pocket for holding an ID,and a pocket design to prevent the loss of keys or coins.
  • Functions - Three modules can hold up to 9 cards:The Card Module can hold up to 3 cards,and the Money Module can hold 6 cards.The slim wallet is ideal for carrying business cards,credit and debit cards,driver’s license etc.
  • Superb Technology - High-tech laser cutting technology not only to the wallet to provide a high quality touch,but also to retain the thin features,light and strong.
  • To Be A Decent Man - A man's wallet reflects his attitude to life,if you want to do a low profile in the grace,the details of the charm of the show men,then this wallet is very suitable for you.You and the charm of men,only one ikeem modular wallet distance.




Customize the 3 modules of the modular wallet

  1. Card Module:You can put a commonly used card at the bottom of a slot,so you can instantly pull out the card!The side of the slot can put more cards and cash,enough for you to carry your own necessities.The card module can hold up to 3 cards and some cash.
  2. Money Module:The module has a stretch to keep the cash,the bottom of the slot can not only accommodate more cards can also be placed driver's license,and there is a card slot behind. The money module can hold 6 cards and more cash.
  3. Coin/Key Module:The bottom of the module embedded in the design of the opening,and the top of the opening can be interlocked,no zipper,you can effectively prevent the coins, keys and other small items lost.

Product parameters

- Material: PU + magnet
- Product Size: 4.60*3.35*0.30inch
- Packing size: 6.30*5.00*0.79inch